Civil Mediation

As passionate advocates of resolving disputes through talking LKW Family Mediation is delighted to be able to offer civil mediation services from January 2021.

About civil mediation

Civil Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  It is defined as:

“Mediation is a process where an impartial person (the mediator) helps two or more people, or groups of people, to discuss and resolve dispute.”


This is too simplistic.  Mediation is a process the parties agree to including how the mediation will take place and progress. The mediator will explore and recommend options but essentially it is a private and confidential process which will be undertaken “without prejudice” to any court or tribunal proceedings.  It is an opportunity for the parties to explore their dispute and reach a compromise on terms which satisfy the parties and not simply those which a court or tribunal may impose.  This has the advantage of not limiting what can be achieved both in respect of the current dispute and the future.

If you require further information, please contact David Whitney.

David Whitney is our civil mediator.  David originally trained to be a barrister and qualified as a solicitor in 2002.  Throughout his career David has been a litigator focusing on property litigation.  David trained as a civil mediator in 2010 after experiencing first hand mediation in practice and seeing that this was the way forward for the great majority of disputes and becoming a complete convert to the progress.  David was appointed as a First Tier Tribunal Judge in 2011.  Subsequently David has been appointed to the Property Chamber mediation panel and has mediated countless disputes via this scheme.  David is happy to mediate any dispute but has particular experience of all property issues including residential service charges, neighbour disputes, including boundaries and construction disputes.

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