2020 Training programme

2020 Training events and workshops

Our 2019 training events and workshops are nearly all wrapped up.  There is one networking event left and you’ll find details below.

We are still adding to our calendar of events and workshops for 2020 but adapting this as we go due to COVID-19.  Please let me know if there is any training that you would like to see.  That might be a particular focus, a skill you would like to develop or acquire or it might be a trainer that you would really like to learn from.  You may also be interested in the Learn at Lunch training initiative that offers training in online webinars that you can join at lunchtime or watch back at a more convenient time.   Please do get in touch and feed into the training I am running so that it is tailored to you.  You can also check out the Learn at lunch online training initiative.

You can always get in touch via social media too.

2020 Training events

Understanding Child and Adolescent Counselling and its potential role

Monday 12th October 2020 – 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.


Delivered by two experienced adult, adolescent and child counsellors, Carol Belsey and Suzanne Bunt.

Parents may or may not understand the support that counselling can provide during their separation or later during the divorce or in years to come as their child develops intellectually and therefore this workshop will be of interest to professionals who would like to understand how counselling works and how it can support child and young people during their parent’s separation and divorce, to enable them to feel confident in recommending this intervention to parents.

During the workshop we will explore the varied, possible impacts of parental separation and divorce on children and young people, the feelings they may experience and we will consider their needs. We will look at the role parents can play in supporting their children’s mental health needs and will consider when it is prudent for parents to access counselling support for their children during this process.

We will consider how counselling works, including its use of boundaries and confidentiality, and the commitment it involves, from both parent and child. We will explore the benefits of Child and Young People counselling, its limitations and we will dispel the myths surrounding it.

Finally, the workshop will consider what counselling can realistically provide and how parents can access counselling support for their child or children and parenting support for themselves and work with the counsellor to promote positive mental health outcomes.

Helping separating parents to make child centred decisions.

26th February 2020 – 9.30 to 4 p.m

Una Archer is a psychologist helping parents to soften the impact of the separation on their children.  She will be delivering this work to help professionals working with separating parents to encourage and aid their clients in making child centred decisions.  The workshop will encompass

  • Theoretical learning
  • Reflection on your own practice
  • Exercises
  • Resources shared by Una
  • Participants will also be encouraged to reflect on the differences between working with one parent and two parents and what this might mean for practitioners in terms of how they view the situation, and for their own self care.

    Ensuring children feel secure and loved during their parents’ separation

The workshop is aimed at lawyers and mediators but may also be useful for other professionals.  You can book here.

We also run a training initiative called Learn at Lunch.  It’s training in hour long online webinars that take place at lunch time.  You sign up for the webinar and join live if you can, but if you can’t you get the recording.  It’s designed to be practical, skills based and to deal with thorny issues – for an affordable price and without leaving the office.  It was designed for those who want to enhance their skills and their professional role but are hitting a wall with asking for training from those above them, or are worried about affording this for another reason.  But it’s equally useful for those who just want to learn!

Getting Started as a Family Mediator

Getting started as a family mediator is a workshop aimed at those who are interested in becoming a family mediator but haven’t yet done a foundation training course.  It goes into what’s involved in the foundation training and the accreditation process so that you can understand what’s involved and see if it’s right for you before you part with big money to do the foundation training course.  There are also helpful dos and don’ts about the training process.  It also explains how to think about getting mediation work as soon as you finish the foundation training course so you’re one step ahead.  These marketing strategies will be invaluable when you finish your training course and already have the structure in place to provide yourself with mediation work.

Family Mediation: Essential Skills

Family Mediation: essential Skills is a workshop aimed at those who have done the foundation training and want to enhance the mediation skillset they have.  It can be a useful course if you feel less than confident in your mediation skills.  It’s also useful for those who undertook the training course but feel that they then lost momentum and want to get back into mediation.  It covers ensuring you have a large and varied toolbox to help you deal with many different mediation scenarios.  It also encourages you to really look at your own mediation style rather than feeling you have to try to be a mediator you may look up to.  It encourages you not to feel constrained by mediation rules and to experiment with getting in touch with your instincts as a mediator without fear or saying or doing the wrong thing.

Other workshops we run – please get in touch if you’d like to be put on the waiting lists for the next one. 

Running and Marketing a Dispute Resolution (DR) Practice 

Running and Marketing a DR practice is a workshop aimed at those who want to run or develop further their own mediation practice.  It may also be useful for those who want to run a law practice focusing on dispute resolution.  The course takes you through what you need to set yourself up as an independent mediator.  It encourages you to think about how many clients you will need, what you should charge and the level of income you want to have.  It also talks about marketing strategies you can use and explains how you might think about generating work for yourself through different avenues.  It also talks about ways in which you can diversify your practice to help you be recognised, and to maximise your income stream.

Currently this course will only run on one date which has now passed but please email us if you’re interested in attending and we can create a second date if there is interest.

Are you a family lawyer?

Supporting Clients in Family Mediation

We run a workshop designed for family lawyers to help them understand what’s involved in the mediation process and how they can best support their clients attending mediation.  The workshop is designed for everyone in the office from support staff right through to partners.  It’s a clear and detailed look into what is involved in the family mediation process.  It looks at what clients need from their lawyers whilst their attending family mediation meetings.  It also looks at how you can make this work for you in terms of working in a rewarding way that still generates fee income.  It’s been getting great feedback.

Are you a professional that works with couples who separate but have no legal training?

Understanding Family Justice

If this is you then you may feel confused and baffled by some of the terms and processes that your clients outline to you.  You may wonder why things are being done in a certain way.  You may feel that the things your client reports to you do not seem to focus on the right issues.  Do you feel you would benefit from a greater

understanding of the family justice system?  Would you like to know what processes are involved, how the law works and what on earth is happening in the court system?  If this is you then our full day workshop can help you to understand all of this and how you can best help clients that are separating in the work that you do.


Currently this course will only run on one date which has already passed but please email us if you’re interested in attending and we can create a second date if there is interest.


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