Ask any question about family mediation

Do you have questions about family mediation that you’ve always wanted to ask? Maybe you don’t know who you can ask or maybe somehow you’ve never dared to ask them. Perhaps you’ve separated from a partner and have been wondering if family mediation might help but have questions about the process? Perhaps you’re a family lawyer secretly berating yourself for not knowing more about a process you have to talk to clients about?

As part of Family Mediation Week I am running a drop in session on Zoom on Wednesday 19th January between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. You can pop into the Zoom room at any point in that hour and ask any question you like. I will answer it honestly and openly. I will be sharing a bit more about family mediation and how it works and how we as mediators deal with different scenarios that crop up such as:

  • Relationships where there has been physical or emotional abuse or controlling behaviours
  • How we as mediators deal with one person alleging abuse or control and the other person saying it didn’t happen
  • The current emphasis on narcissism and how this is addressed in the mediation room
  • How we might approach a situation where one party is willing to mediate and the other isn’t
  • The various ways in which the mediation process can be flexed to make it work the best way it can for the participants.

All you need to do to join is to sign up below and then join the Zoom call in that hour on the day. Details of how to join will be sent the day before the event. For any questions please contact louisa@lkwfamilymediation.co.uk

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