Your Road Map to Surviving and Thriving in Divorce

It’s finally here! Having spent some time creating this course and seeking feedback on what it would be useful to include we are so pleased to be able to share this with you. We are very aware here at LKW Family Mediation that lots of people who separate don’t want to spend thousands of pounds on mediator’s and lawyer’s fees. They want to keep as much of their own assets and money as possible and this is 100% understandable.

We know that what you want are cost effective tools to help you work out arrangements for children, what to do about your assets, and what next steps you need to take. We also know that sometimes you have an idea of what you want to achieve but you get stuck trying to work out how to do this together. Being stuck is often the worst place to be in separation – it’s like being stuck in the tunnel without knowing where the light at the end is.

So we have created an online course that you can work through at your own place that also includes support for any questions you might have whilst doing the course, and afterwards. Our Road Map to Surviving and Thriving in a Divorce is a 6 part course designed to help you to understand the processes involved and the decisions you will need to make as part of your separation. It also explains the grief process and the impact that this can have. In addition to this there is a separation module on each of the four pillars of effective communication. These are as follows:

  • Calm – it’s no surprise that calmer, less triggered people have more effective discussions
  • Constructive – the use of language in productive discussions is key and can require only simple tweaks
  • Conscious – too often we have importance conversations by accident rather than planning where, when and how it will be most useful to have them
  • Compassionate – a hard ask towards an ex but it is important in effective communication
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Finding light at the end of the tunnel

Included in the course are:

  • 6 video sessions ranging between 30 and 90 minutes plus an introduction and a bonus session on how to tailor the content to you.
  • Further links and resources to help (which we will add to over time).
  • The 6 sessions cover an overview of the processes you might need to go through (divorce, sorting out arrangements for children and dividing your assets), together with a guide to the grief process and sessions on each of the four essential pillars of effective communication that we call the 4 Cs. The sessions also covers why these things are important
  • You get life time access to the course for one price and this will include as many revisions as needed by us to get it right.
  • There’s a link to a Facebook Group so you can ask questions and get as much after support as you need.
  • We are currently looking for 10 people to test this course for us at a super reduced price. As you get lifetime access you will also benefit from any resources that we add and any revisions that we make. When we launch it properly the course will be over £200 but for the first 10 people to test it it’s currently only £47 for all of the above and whatever is added in the future.

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