We think getting feedback from our clients is really important and so we send feedback questionnaires to clients to find out what they have thought of using our service and, crucially, how they think we could make it better.  Through doing this we have been able to identify ways of improving our service and making it more comfortable, efficient and user friendly for all our clients.

As part of this process clients have also been kind enough to provide us with comments that we can share so that you can get a feel for what people who have used our service have thought about it.  Here are some comments that have been made by those using LKW Family Mediation:

“I was very happy with service Emma provided to us.  It was conducted in a very professional way”.

“Emma was very professional in the way she dealt with our mediation process.  Concise and careful with her explanation at every stage.  Thoughtful and sensitive throughout, as when she suggested time in a breakout room as at the point it was needed”.

“In 13 months I had made absolutely no progress whatsoever with the divorce process with my ex-husband.  We had come to the point of not being able to speak at all following months of tense exchanges and nothing could be resolved.  I instructed a solicitor to help but as my husband didn’t we made no progress.  When we asked Louisa for help we were able to make our way through the financial order requirements in an orderly and structured manner.  We had someone else in the room to suggest solutions and options along the way.  We came out of the other end with an agreement which I never thought would be possible.  The entire process was fair, independent and human.  Legalise was explained in layman’s terms and legal bills reduced significantly.  I am really grateful to have been guided through to an acceptable solution during a very painful and turbulent time of my life”.

“Good understanding and empathy………Process and status was made clear at every time”

“Flexible approach to mediation….modern, comfortable and unstuffy surroundings”

“Louisa was very professional and caring”.

“I would recommend LKW to anyone requiring family mediation”.

“Professional, approachable, efficient, reliable”.

“Thank you for your professional and approachable attitude”.

“Having the opportunity to discuss sensitive issues in a calm environment, expertly mediated by Louisa, who enabled me to look at things differently where needed”.

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