Downloadable divorce video

This new video explains the new “no fault” divorce process and the steps you need to take to initiate this yourself.  It explains the differences between a joint and sole application and flags important considerations for you to think about.  It also explains the situation with regard to costs and gives useful links for getting started and finding further information.

Sorting out money in a separation

  • Video explaining full process
  • Guidance on what you need to sort out, and when
  • Includes a 40 page step by step workbook
  • Guides you through financial disclosure & resolution process
  • £55

Making arrangements for children in a separation

  • Includes video explaining what you need to sort out
  • Also includes a helpful workbook to help you make arrangements for your children
  • £45

Guided meditation

  • Feeling so stressed you can’t concentrate on anything?
  • Having problems sleeping?
  • Feel like you’re emotions are overwhelming you
  • Take a moment of calm
  • £5

Package option

  • Get all the above for £75, saving you £30!

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