Making arrangements for children when you separate


For many separating parents their immediate concern is the wellbeing of their children and looking at how they might be affected by their parents’ separation.  Sometimes it can be hard to know how to support your children during this difficult time.  You may feel confused by lots of information you find online and are given by family, friends and colleagues.  What if you had clear and helpful guidance from a professional to help you work through this process, step by step, at a pace that works for both of you?

  • Video and workbook
  • Video explains the overall process and what you need to sort out, step by step
  • The video includes on screen prompts so you can return to the bit you need more easily
  • Once payment is made the video is downloaded and you can watch it as many times as you need to
  • The workbook takes you through making arrangements for your children in easy to manage stages
  • There is also guidance on what to do if you encounter common problems and issues
  • Please note that the video and workbook are intended to provide information about the process and guidance on the process used to resolve money issues when separating. They do not constitute legal advice and if you feel there are elements of your personal situation that need specific guidance then we would always suggest that you take legal advice.
  • Please be aware that these videos were designed to be purchased by anyone going through a separation and shared between them and their ex partner only. To pass them on to anyone else or use them for any other purpose is a breach of copyright.  Copyright remains with LKW Family Mediation.
  • If you have any questions then please contact us prior to purchasing.
  • £110 via Paypal


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