Services for those going through a separation

If you’ve found yourself on this page then it’s because you have separated from a partner or are contemplating doing so.  It might be your decision, or it might be a mutual one, or it may have been thrust upon you.  It might be really early days and you may be struggling to process the vast number of emotions you feel from one minute to the next.  Or it may have been a little while ago and you now feel more able to make decisions about what happens next.  Wherever you are at in the healing process I hope that we will be able to help you create your own tailor made resolution that takes into account yours and your ex-partner’s individual needs, and those of your children.  We can guide you through the process of finding a resolution at a pace that’s right for you.  Your discussions are guided and supported by a specialist mediator in a safe and empathetic space.  Meetings can take place online or in person at our offices in Dorking (or Farnham – opening soon).

Mediation services - helping through separation

If you feel a bit at sea with what’s happening for you then you may find some or all of the following useful:

  • Sometimes those who find themselves on our website are having problems in their relationship and aren’t sure whether separation is the right way forward.  They just want some information to help them decide.  If that’s you then you might be interested in a PDF which includes our top 5 tips for making this decision.  We see common themes in separation and we have pulled this expertise together to give you some pointers for making this difficult decision.  Is it a temporary stress induced blip?  Is there a more embedded communication problem?  Or have you simply reached the end of the road?  Our tips will help stop everything going round in your head, and help you make a clear decision about the right way forward for you.
  • Our blog which gives tips for dealing with particular issues and navigating separation generally.
  • If you’re finding it challenging to talk about making arrangements for your children then mediation is often a great way to discuss these.  It’s a safe space where you can explore the differing view you have with a professional to keep your discussions on track.  We are also able to offer Child Inclusive Mediation which enables your child to have the opportunity to have their voice heard as part of the mediation process.
  • If you’re hoping to keep your costs down and limit your spends on lawyers and mediators then you might find our online shop useful.  We have resources you can download for you and your ex-partner to use to help you make arrangements between yourselves.
  • If you’d like more information about separation then you might to look at some of the articles and podcasts we’ve been featured in.  As experts in our field we often provide comment on separation related issues in magazines, newspapers, podcasts and in online blogs and other pieces.
  • You can also contact us by email or telephone.  If we’re not available we’ll call you back or arrange a time for a free telephone chat about the right way forward for you.

If you’re still not sure what family mediation involves then this short video may help you.

If your lawyer has suggested to you that you need to see a mediator for a MIAMS then this explains more about that.

You may like to look at what our clients say about us. We really do appreciate that at this emotional and challenging time you want to be sure you’re getting help from the right people.

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