Separation Support

Would you like help managing your separation?

Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • you try to talk to each other about what happens next but it always end up in a heated argument going over old ground?
  • Do you find that you talk about things and think you’ve agreed a way forward but you each seem to have different conclusions?
  • Do you feel that things would be a lot better if you could communicate more effectively with each other?
  • Are you dreading the thought of having to continue to talk to your ex partner about your children for years to come?
  • Have you noticed you immediately feel anxious or worried when you see another message or email from your ex?

These are all common things that people coming in to mediation tell us.  We know how difficult it can be and we draw on our years of experience and many, many clients helped to give you tools, resources and guidance on how to move forward with making arrangements about

  • your children and when they’re with each parent
  • money – who gets what?
  • Pets
  • Possessions
  • Anything else that is important to you

But you don’t have to be a mediation client of ours to access this wealth of information.  You can access our skills for FREE starting with a 30 minute video which will help you to communicate better.  In the video Louisa Whitney (who set up LKW Family Mediation in 2013) gives you tips and guidance for how to communicate more effectively.  In the video Louisa explains:

    • why effective communication can be challenging – especially immediate after the separation
    • Common problems with communication experienced by separating couples
    • Her 4 step process for making communication much more effective
    • Details of other resources you can access to help you manage your separation as constructively, cost effectively and peacefully as possible.

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