Separation Support

Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationship right now?  Do you feel:

  • Fed up of constant arguments
  • That you never properly talk
  • That all conversations lead to a row
  • Lonely and alone
  • That your partner doesn’t listen or understand you?
  • Maybe it would be better if you just separated

You feel like you might be better of separating but equally you’re not sure if that’s what you want.  Lots of thoughts go round in your head but you can’t seem to make sense of them, and work out what is the right thing to do.

We’ve drawn on all our experience of working with separating couples (a couple of whom have decided to stay together!) to put together 5 tips to help you make sense of these thoughts and decide on the right way forward for you.  We see common themes in relationship breakdowns so if we can flag them with you it helps you to understand if they’re fixable or not.

Click on the link below to download the PDF.  If you decide to stay together then good luck. We hope it works out well and that you’re both happy.  If you decide separation is the best way forward then pop back so we can guide you through this process as calmly, compassionately and constructively as possible.


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