Services for professionals

Services for professionals

If you’ve found yourself on this page then you are either a professional who works with individuals or couples who separate, or you’re contemplating a second or additional career as a family mediator.  Welcome!  We are passionate about the amazing work we do and we’re really happy to share our experiences, knowledge and divorce philosophy (we may have invented that phrase) with other professionals.  We believe that professionals working more closely together delivers better outcomes for our clients that are navigating the sometimes tricky waters of divorce and separation.  We can all learn from each other and our training workshops  are designed with this in mind.

Louisa Whitney from LKW Family Mediation is a PPC which means she supports and mentors other mediators.  You can find out more about our PPC and mentoring services or simply drop us a line and arrange a convenient time for a chat over a coffee (preferably with cake too).  If you’re a fellow family mediator then you might be interested in our free video with handy tips on running and growing a successful mediation practice.  It’s only 17 minutes long and it is packed with guidance from Louisa Whitney who has done just this.

If you’re a lawyer in search of a more rewarding way of working then you can also download our free 20 minute video on the Fundamentals of Good Communication to hone and polish your communication skills.  We believe that good communication skills are at the heart of the work we do and being a good communicator benefits your relationships with your colleagues and your colleagues (and the personal relationships in your life too – win, win!).  Downloading the video automatically signs you up for our mailing list and this means you will get details of our training events and workshops as they’re added to the program.  Getting details at an early stage also means you can benefit from our early bird discounts.

If you’d like us to help one of your clients then please just send us an email.  We don’t really go in for referral forms and are happy to just be passed the clients’ names and email addresses (but please do flag if either client wishes their email address to be kept confidential).  If you’d like more information or resources to share with your clients then have a look at our blog.

For more information about our costs and fixed fees or about MIAMS before referring a client then please have a look.  It may also help to know that we can offer mediation online for clients where geography, logistics or disability could be a potential obstacle to family mediation.  Or if you feel it would be helpful you can look at what our clients say about us before you refer any of your clients to us.

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