Thank you for visiting this pages.  If you like training where people just talk at you for a period of time then you’re in the wrong place.  If you like training where you live lit up, passionate about your next steps and with a renewed sense of who you are as a person and a professional then welcome my friend.

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I am streamlining the training I offer in 2021.  I am taking some time to get really clear on what I bring as a trainer and what lights me up in terms of teaching other people.  I started as a family lawyer in 2001.  In 2013 I left that life to set up LKW Family Mediation.  Since 2001 I’ve learned a whole lot of stuff about separation, about people, about communication and on what lights me up and what doesn’t.  I bring all of that to what I teach and train people about.  I strongly believe that we all different for a reason.  I tried to be someone I was not as a lawyer and it led to me feeling burnt out and a bit broken.  I see a lot of people in a simple situation and the core of my training is that there is a better way.  I’m not suggesting you follow my path but what I would like you to do is introduce you to ways of finding your truth path so you can feel excited, lit up and passionate about the work you do EVEN on a Monday morning (OK maybe too much even I don’t love Mondays every week).  To give you a flavour of what I am thinking about in 2021 (and now 2022 given events could not take place in 2021 as I had hoped/wished) here are the ideas that I’m working with:

  • What are the fundamentals of good communication?  How could we learn to communicate better with clients, with our families, friends and colleagues?  If you are finding a situation frustrating is it because you aren’t speaking the same language?  If you know more about this then you can teach it too and it will transform the lives of your clients, friends, colleagues and family and the ripple effect stretches out.
  • If you want to grow your mediation practice then I absolutely know I can help with that.  Maybe you want to continue your lawyer work alongside but you need more work to achieve your accreditation?  Maybe you have a secret desire to just be a mediator?  Whatever your ambition I can give you the tools to do more mediation work if that’s for you.
  • A retreat: I have been banging on about this for ages but COVID got in the way.  I want to take you out of your office for a day to a beautiful spot in Surrey.  You will forget work for one day.  We will do yoga and craft and we will talk about who you are: what lights you up, what nourishes you as a person, what doesn’t serve you, and what your ultimate personal goals are.

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These are the events running in 2021

Free Kickstart your mediation practice workshop

Tuesday 14th September from 1 p.m to 2 p.m, online via Zoom.  The recording will be circulated to all those who are signed up so don’t worry if you can’t make it live.  This workshop is designed to kickstart your mediation practice in terms of getting work, undertaking admin in a manageable way and feeling supported and confident in your work.  Click on the link for more info.

Growing your family mediation practice on Wednesday 16th June from 10.30 to 12 THIS WILL RUN AGAIN.  IF YOU’D LIKE TO BE ADDED TO THE WAITING LIST PLEASE EMAIL ME.

This webinar is everything I wish I’d known in 2013 when I set up LKW Family Mediation about how to grow a mediation practice.  It will be a 90 minute online webinar and it will cover:

  • The three most important aspects of business growth: having a vision, having a clear plan and being authentic.
  • We’ll look at what your vision is and why it’s YOUR vision that is important and no one else’s.
  • We’ll talk about what it really means to be authentic and why it’s important.
  • We will also look at what are the fundamentals of a business plan.
  • We will also talk about marketing because if you don’t have a strategy to get the work in your business plan is just a dream.
  • Lastly, after the webinar I’ll send you a business plan and marketing plan template to get you started.

Those that have already attended this webinar have been kind enough to share the following feedback:

“I loved the format of the training, the inspirational quotes and personal anecdotes from Louisa. It felt nurturing rather than being lectured to which I particularly enjoyed. I cannot suggest anything to improve the training”.

“Louisa presents very articulately. My attention was held throughout. I appreciated the variety in the presentation – words, pictures, opportunity for own thinking and time to ask questions. There was thought-through, practical advice which made a lot of sense. It was really helpful to be able to learn from Louisa’s experience. It was motivational and inspiring. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone wanting to develop their mediation practice”.

Co-parenting, parallel parenting and nesting: finding your tailored parenting path with Una Archer on Wednesday 24th February

This webinar is for both separating parents, separated parents, and professionals working with separating parents.  The aim is to talk through different ways of working together as parents to help you (or to help you help your clients) to find a parenting path that is tailored to where you’re at right now.  It’s a 2.5 hour interactive webinar.

Understanding Adolescent and Child counselling and it’s potential role with Carol Belsey and Suzanne Bunt – two experienced Child and Adolescent Counsellors.  THIS HAS SADLY HAD TO BE POSTPONED AGAIN BUT WE WILL RUN IT IN 2022 IN PERSON.  DATE TO BE ADVISED.  IF YOU’D LIKE TO KNOW WHEN THE DATE IS REARRANGED THEN PLEASE EMAIL ME.  It’s an all day workshop on Friday 1st October.  It is scheduled to be in person and if we are not able to run it due to COVID restrictions it will be moved to a new mutually convenient date.

Parental separation can see children experience significant losses and changes, perhaps for the first time in their life. These losses and changes can, of course, be explored within the nuclear and extended family and the child’s feelings, communications and actions supported and therapeutically understood.

However, some children can be affected or disturbed by the losses and changes to the extent that their mental health suffers and therefore, often, their education, friendships and enjoyment of life and/or maladjusted coping mechanisms, such as aggression, self-harming, suicidal ideation, appear.

Parents may or may not understand the support that counselling can provide during their separation or later during the divorce or in years to come as their child develops intellectually and therefore this workshop will be of interest to professionals who would like to understand how counselling works and how it can support child and young people during their parent’s separation and divorce, to enable them to feel confident in recommending this intervention to parents.

During the workshop we will explore the varied, possible impacts of parental separation and divorce on children and young people, the feelings they may experience and we will consider their needs. We will look at the role parents can play in supporting their children’s mental health needs and will consider when it is prudent for parents to access counselling support for their children during this process.

We will consider how counselling works, including its use of boundaries and confidentiality, and the commitment it involves, from both parent and child. We will explore the benefits of Child and Young People counselling, its limitations and we will dispel the myths surrounding it.

Finally, the workshop will consider what counselling can realistically provide and how parents can access counselling support for their child or children and parenting support for themselves and work with the counsellor to promote positive mental health outcomes.

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