Family Mediators

Hello there fellow family mediator,


Thank you for taking the time to visit the LKW Family Mediation website.  This page enables you to sign up to receive details of training that we’re currently offering, designed especially for family mediators.  Perhaps you’re a relatively new mediator and you came off the foundation training course full of excitement and enthusiasm but now feel a little at sea with your mediation skills and you’re wondering whether you’re doing mediation right?  Or maybe you’re struggling to get work to enable you to progress your accreditation portfolio?


Or perhaps you’re a more experienced mediator wondering how you can further develop your skills to be the best mediator you can be?   I know from my own experience that particular mediations can leave you thinking there are further skills that might be useful.  Or maybe you feel comfortable with the mediation skills side of things but it’s the business side of things you find challenging.  Do you want to write a business plan for your own mediation practice but don’t have a clue where to start?  Maybe you want to use social media more effectively – or even start using social media?


You might be like me (Louisa Whitney) and feel there’s more you don’t know now than when you first completed a foundation training course?  I have felt for some time that the more mediation I do the more I realise how many different skills I could develop to help in different circumstances.


By signing up to receive details of the training courses that are being offered by LKW Family Mediation you will also be able to let us know what training you would like to see.  What one skill, or one piece of knowledge would make a difference to your mediation practice right now?  You can always drop Louisa an email and let her know.


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