Welcome fellow professional

You must be a lawyer (or perhaps another professional) working with individuals or couples going through a separation.

You may be in search of a more rewarding way of working. Perhaps you feel there are many frustrations with your current work?  It might be in the relationship you have with your clients, or it might be in the relationship you have with colleagues (be that fellow lawyers, support staff or partners).  Whatever your current frustration iit is likely that polishing your communication skills will assist.

At LKW Family Mediation our mission follows the following beliefs:

  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to separation
  • Clients achieve the best outcomes in a divorce or separation when they access help from the right professionals for them
  • The best outcomes also happen when the professionals around them have effective communication skills and work closely together for their benefit
  • It is CRUCIAL to help parents to minimise the effects of their separation on their children

We also believe there’s a lot of amazing professionals out there who want to know how to better support their clients during the challenges of separation.  We believe communication skills are at the heart of this, and it frustrates us that there isn’t a bigger emphasis on this in the training.  So much of our work on communication has been learnt on the job and in the mediation room, and now we want to share it with others.  We also know that some people don’t feel that their current working environments are lighting them up right now and we’re on a mission to help everyone we can work in a more positive, empowering and rewarding way.  That’s the focus of all of our training workshops (as well as teaching you new things and generally upskilling all the above professionals – and more).

If you’re onboard with our mission and you’d like details of resources you can share with your clients, training workshops and networking events for all professionals working with separating couples AND our free insightful 20 minute video on the fundamentals of good communication, then why not sign up to our free mailing list?  Get the information you need directly into your inbox so you don’t have to look for it.


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