Getting more of the work you want

Congratulations on signing up for our free PDF with 5 tips for getting more Dispute Resolution focused work.

My guess is that you’re

  • Fed up with feeling the work you do is unrewarding a lot of the time
  • Stressed out and maybe feeling that your work/life balance is a bit off
  • Wondering if you’re in the wrong career
  • ambitious about qualifying in a dispute resolution process or doing more of this work (one day..!)

This handout will hopefully help you on that path.  Click on the link below to download it.


Top 5 tips for more DR work

Now that you’ve got that you can start to make a plan to change your working life.  Keep an eye on your inbox for information from me and details of training workshops and networking events that are happening.  I would love to meet you in person.

If you have ever wondered about becoming a family mediator then have a look at my blog where I talk about all that’s involved.  In my role as a PPC I support mediators from their initial training, through the accreditation portfolio and beyond.

If you’d like to chat through becoming a mediator then please just drop me a line and we can have a coffee and I’ll talk you through it.  I believe the world needs more mediators so I am always happy to help anyone on that journey.

If you are on social media then why not connect with me there?

LKW Family Mediation has the following accounts:





Or you can connect with me, Louisa Whitney, on Linkedin or Instagram.

Make sure you come and say hi (but you can do it privately in a direct message if you’d rather not do this publicly).

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