Getting more from the work you want

Congratulations on signing up for our free video explaining the fundamentals of good communication.

My guess is that you might be 

  • Fed up with feeling the work you do is unrewarding a lot of the time
  • Stressed out and maybe feeling that your work/life balance is a bit off
  • Wondering if you’re in the wrong career
  • ambitious about qualifying in a dispute resolution process or doing more of this work (one day..!)

This video will hopefully help you with all of the above.  good communication skills are at the heart of being a good lawyer, colleague, partner (in a law firm), partner (in a loving way in life) and a good friend……I could go on.  Understanding how to communicate effectively enhances every aspect of your life.  You can watch the video below.

Now that you’ve watched the video I hope you’ll see changes in your working life (and maybe in your home life too).  Keep an eye on your inbox for information from me and details of training workshops and networking events that are happening.  I would love to meet you in person.

If you have ever wondered about becoming a family mediator then have a look at my blog where I talk about all that’s involved.  In my role as a PPC I support mediators from their initial training, through the accreditation portfolio and beyond.

If you’d like to chat through becoming a mediator then please just drop me a line and we can have a coffee and I’ll talk you through it.  I believe the world needs more mediators so I am always happy to help anyone on that journey.

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Make sure you come and say hi (but you can do it privately in a direct message if you’d rather not do this publicly).

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