COVID-19 Working arrangements

All business had to change their working practices to deal with the  pandemic and LKW Family Mediation has been no different.  The safety of our clients and their families has been uppermost in our mind at the current time, together with the safety of our mediators, Louisa Whitney and Emma Ingham, and their families.

Prior to the pandemic we offered mediation online via Zoom.  Although the take up of this was historically small we were proficient with the technology and this way of working which has served us well during the pandemic.  In the initial lockdowns mediation meetings were able to continue via Zoom.  If you’re not familiar with Zoom then don’t worry as we w provide instructions on how to use this.  We have offered online mediation via Zoom for over 3 years and had established practices in place to do this.  The mediator manages the meeting and all you have to do is click on a link to access the meeting – the mediator does the rest.  

When will meetings resume in person?

We have now resumed offering meetings in person.  In order to minimise the risk of a COVID infection we suggest that the initial individual meetings take place via Zoom and both parties can then choose whether they would rather attend joint meetings in person or online.  Where you wish to attend mediation meetings in person we will provide you with guidance prior to the meeting on how we minimise the risk of somebody contracting COVID.  If you have any worries about this then please contact us BEFORE the meeting takes place.


If you’d prefer to mediate online – for convenience, or for reasons relating to COVID (or both) then you are able to continue to do so.


For more information on the measures that will be put in place for physical meetings you can download the client COVID-19 guidance for meetings in person.



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