COVID-19 Working arrangements

All business are having to change their working practices to deal with the current pandemic and LKW Family Mediation is no different.  The safety of our clients and their families has been uppermost in our mind at the current time, together with the safety of Louisa Whitney (currently the only mediator at LKW Family Mediation) and her family.

Mediation meetings are still continuing via Zoom.  If you’re not familiar with Zoom then don’t worry as we will provide instructions on how to use this.  We have offered online mediation via Zoom for over 2 years and had established practices in place to do this.  The mediator manages the meeting and all you have to do is click on a link.  If you are an existing client of LKW Family Mediation then you will have been contacted and you have the choice to resume mediation meetings online, or to wait until physical meetings are happening again.  You can also choose to wait and see and move to online meetings if the time feels right.  Don’t worry about how this works as we will talk you through this and deal with any concerns that you might have – for example if you are still living in the same house.

When will meetings resume in person?

Currently we can’t answer that question.  We are very aware that it is not possible for 3 people to sit round a table in our office and be 2 metres apart from each other.  Whilst we can take a break we will all be in this space for more than 15 minutes and this therefore represents a greater risk to all concerned.  In addition to this we are very aware that we work in an office building with around 70 other businesses and again that represents a greater risk to clients than if they were only visiting our business and not coming into contact with other people.

There are also practical concerns around how to manage mediation meetings.  Louisa Whitney has children who will likely not return to school until September and so there are logistical issues with returning to physical meetings.  We are aware that many of our clients are in the same situation.  Please rest assured that we won’t do this until we feel it is safe and only once a thorough risk assessment has been done. 

How are you making mediation possible during the pandemic?

We can’t pretend that life is normal but we have actively sought to continue providing assistance for those going through a separation through continuing to provide mediation services.  By moving meetings to take place online we can still offer all the usual aspects of mediation, the only thing missing is the physical presence in the same room.  You still get all the same information and support, but with none of the risk that physical meetings bring.  We are also offering some evening meetings in order to help clients who are managing home schooling and/or home working during the course of the day.  We are working as flexibly as possible so we can help you.  If you have specific concerns then please get in touch to discuss these.

Will these arrangements change?

Yes in two ways. Firstly, please be aware that Louisa Whitney will be away from the office on holiday (a staycation!) between Monday 3rd August and Friday 15th August.  From 23rd July until Friday 4th September the number of meeting times available will be more limited in order to help Louisa Whitney to manage her own commitments to her children who will not then be set home schooling, but appointments will be available and this is in keeping with summer holiday practices in any event.  Currently we have appointments available within a fortnight and there is only a slightly longer wait, if you need an evening appointment, or are only available at a particular time or on a particular day.

Secondly, they will change once we are able to go back to physical meetings and we will keep you up to date with developments in this regard.  You can follow us on your favourite social media channel by clicking on the icons floating over this page.

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