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As mediators we’re pretty familiar with grief and the effect it has on people. We see it on a daily basis. But we don’t always recognise it in ourselves. We have spent the last 18 months working in a way that was very different for most people, navigating the particular challenges it has caused us personally (isolation, home schooling, bereavement, and many others), and continuing to work to support those going through a separation. I’ll be frank here I only realised how exhausted I was about a week into my summer holiday (and yes I do know I was fortunate to have a break).

I’ve felt like I’ve been running at 100 miles an hour just to stand still and yet there has been a voice inside of me telling me to listen, to understand, and to pay attention to what I need – as much as I pay attention to what my clients need.

I’ve also had moments of feeling jaded, of feeling underskilled (and perhaps undervalued at points) and wondering whether this work really is for me. Was I really cut out for this? Did I really have the right skillset to undertake this valuable work? As client needs have dialled up a notch (and in some cases their patience down a notch) I’ve wondered whether I am enough.

Are my skills enough? Are my systems enough? Are my boundaries good enough? Do I have enough energy? Am I enough?

Yet through this there was a voice in me telling me that not only was I enough, there was so much more I had than I realised and I needed to embrace all of that and acknowledge it, AND OWN IT. So I started on a process to go back through things I’d learnt as a mediator to remind myself of all the tools, skills and knowledge I have.

I looked at the systems that underpin my business and whether they were working as well as they could. I tweaked some and marvelled at how I’d come to manage so much so efficiently.

Then came another thought. If I’m going through this maybe I’m not alone? Maybe other mediators are feeling this too? Perhaps other mediators also need to be reminded of how amazing they are and the plethora of skills and knowledge they bring to their practices.

That was when the idea to hold a completely free workshop came to me. To get mediators together to remind them of how much they offer, but also to give them some ideas for tweaking and polishing their skills. A place where mediators could get together and support each other – regardless of MO, level of experience, geography etc.

On Tuesday 14th September I am running an online workshop for mediators between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. encompassing the general ideas that I have talked about above but with a view to helping anyone who feels their practice needs a little September kickstart. It’ll be recorded so don’t worry if you can’t attend live as I will circulate the recording to anyone who has signed up. In the workshop I will be covering:

  • Some simple ways to generate more mediation work regardless of whether you’re an experienced mediator or a mediator looking to gain work to undertake the accreditation portfolio
  • Some ways to manage the day to day admin that mean you don’t have to spend your evenings and weekends doing these tasks. It is possible to run a successful mediation practice without delegating accounts, marketing and admin to the weekends and evenings!
  • Simple ways we can better support each other to create a community which I think is needed now more than ever.
  • A little confidence boosting to remind you of how good you really are 🙂

Sign up below. Or if you have any questions please drop me an email.

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