Surrey Divorce Solutions

Surrey Divorce Solutions

LKW Family Mediation is proud to be part of Surrey Divorce Solutions. Surrey Divorce Solutions is a group of multi disciplinary professionals who have joined together to offer their services as part of a comprehensive, fixed fee package.

For more details of the services on offer have a look at the PDF below.


Surrey Divorce Solutions will have their own website in due course and we will post a link to it as soon as it is available to view.

We strongly believe that a team approach can greatly help those going through a separation or divorce. It would be extremely difficult for one professional to help service the legal, financial, emotional, and problem solving needs of both the couple separating and any children that they may have. That’s why we believe that people are best helped by having a team of professionals that can help them meet their differing needs. It may sound scary and expensive but in other countries it is very much the norm. Further, by meeting the different needs it can help to move things forward in a more constructive way which can make things less time consuming and more financially efficient. For example, if you are both stuck because you don’t understand what you need to do about your pensions then involving a financial adviser, or a financial planner, can help you understand what the situation is and what will service you best in the future from a pension perspective. Alternatively if you want relations to be good between you but you disagree about what is best for your children then there are various options that might help: if your children are older then they could be consulted with as part of the mediation process; or you could involve a child psychologist or family consultant to help you really focus in on the needs of your children. At difficult times we can all need some expert help.

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