Useful Resources

Useful Resources

The internet is awash with information aimed at those separating or divorcing.  Friends and Family may also bombard you with information, or stories of what happened when they separated.  How do you decide what will be helpful and what won’t be?

Resolution is an organisation that represents lawyers, mediators and Financial Planners working with couples who separate. They have a code of conduct that emphasises the importance of dealing with matters amicably and with the needs of children at the forefront of what is being done. You can access their website here

If you’re struggling with working together as parents then this website may be useful for you:


If you feel you need more assistance then Una Archer is a psychologist specialising in supporting children’s emotional security.  She helps separated parents to protect their children from the negative impact of the separation and to resolve the emotional and behaviour issues that might have cropped up along the way.

The Facebook Page for LKW Family Mediation has links to blogs and articles that you may find helpful you can access the Facebook page by clicking here

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There is also a link below to another service called the Alternative Divorce Directory which contains useful information about processes and how to keep your separation and divorce as amicable as possible. There are Facebook groups that you can join for support through this service if you feel this would be helpful for you.



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