PPC and Mentoring Services

PPC and Mentoring Services

All mediators who have completed the foundation training are required to have a Professional Practising Consultant (PPC). We are able to offer this service to mediators¬† through Louisa Whitney who is a qualified and insured PPC. Here at LKW Family Mediation we are really passionate about mediation. The way we see it if you’re fired up about the benefits of mediation then you have to look at the sustainability of mediation. Mediation is only going to survive and thrive if new mediators train and start practising, so that they can achieve their accreditation, and continue developing their craft (and it really is a craft!). We want to play our part in helping them do that and that’s why we offer reasonably priced consultancy and mentoring services to mediators. We want to help all mediators to feel supported so that they can become the best mediator they can be.

For more information about our PPC and mentoring services please have a look at the downloadable PDF below

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