It’s natural to feel concerned and a bit anxious about something new, and part of that is wondering what happens if mediation doesn’t help you to find a resolution.  The good news is that mediation does have a good success rate in helping couples to find a resolution that works for them and their family.  But if it’s not successful there are other avenues that you can try.  At our initial meeting the mediator will explain the different ways of resolving disputes that arise when you separate – and give you a leaflet that summarises that information.  You shouldn’t feel that if mediation fails you have to go to court – there are often other avenues.  Arbitration is a relatively new option and it acts like private court proceedings (as opposed to NHS court proceedings).    It may be possible to arrange mediation so that an arbitrator decides any issues that you can’t resolve in mediation.  You can talk to the mediator about other avenues at any point.