Mediation aims to get you towards a mutual resolution

We put this in our FAQs because people always feel bad about asking what they think are silly questions. But actually it’s a good starting point. We hope you’ve watched the video on our home page as that gives a good introduction. Mediation is where a separating couple directly discuss the things they think they need to sort out. Usually they sit in the same room and the mediator facilitates their discussions, tries to help them get passed sticking points, and acts as a note taker to record things that are discussed, or the next steps each party will take. The benefits of using a mediator who is also a qualified family lawyer, are that they understand the process and can provide a wealth of information about the process of divorce and separation to assist the couple.

Lawyers have been aware of the mediation process for some time. Mediation is now becoming more well known by the general public and we find that many people are coming to us directly, rather than being referred by their lawyer. You can tailor the mediation process to you. Generally lawyers are not present during mediation, but if you feel that a session with your lawyer present would assist then we can set that up.

We are passionate about the benefits of mediation and so we are happy to do what we can to make you feel that mediation could work for you. Your mediation means your process so if you have any concerns then please talk to the mediator to see if we can address those concerns and make mediation work for you.