Is it really all over?

For some people there can be a definite understanding that their marriage is over.  They may discover something and feel they can no longer trust their spouse, or they may simply know it is time to turn a new page.  For others it is not so clear cut.  There may be arguments.  There may be a breakdown in communication.  There may be a lack of mutual understanding.  But is that enough to mean it’s the end?  It’s never an easy decision.

Further difficulties can arise when one person feels that the marriage is definitely over, whereas the other wants to try to work things out.  It is not uncommon at all to find that one person is at a completely different stage and experiencing completely different emotions to another.  Here at LKW Family Mediation we often give this graph to clients to illustrate the different stages that they and their spouse can be at.

marriage is over - ends in divorce or separation


One of the things that we explore during our initial meetings is whether each party is ready to talk about making arrangements and finding a resolution.  Sometimes one person can need more time.  They might need some help from a counsellor coming to terms with the end of their marriage.  Sometimes they may need to talk about how or why the marriage ended as part of the mediation.  This can be uncomfortable, or appear unnecessary, to the person who is wanting to simply find a resolution.  Often it is only by understanding things that we can accept them.  Talking things through in a safe environment can help someone to understand what has happened and feel able to look towards a resolution.

If you feel that talking through things could help you find your tailor made resolution then please contact us today for a free and informal chat.