Why family mediation?

People often ask us why they should try mediation.  So we have compiled our top ten reasons why any separating couple should give mediation a go:

1.  You talk to each other directly, usually in the same room.  This lessens the potential for misunderstandings and cross communication.  Where solicitors are involved and are writing letters on your behalf there is always the potential for a letter to be misconstrued or read differently to how it was written which can cause relations between you to deteriorate.

2.  It can often be a quicker way of making arrangements because you are talking to each other directly.

3.  Because it is quicker it can be cheaper.

4.  It can improve communication, and the relationship between a separating couple.  This is especially important where there are children involved and the couple are always going to need to have a relationship.  Do you want to be the couple who can’t both sit on the top table at your children’s weddings?

5.  It’s a voluntary process and you can try it at any time.  There’s no obligation to continue going to mediation if you feel it’s not working so you can try it without feeling that it is the only way or that you have to keep going.  Effectively, what have you got to lose?

6.  It can be used to resolve all issues or to deal with some issues that have become a particular sticking point.

7.  It really does work!  We have seen what people can achieve when they try mediation and how much they benefit from it.

8.  You decide what arrangements you will make about your children and your money.  We provide the process and help your discussions along but you are deciding your future – no one else is deciding that for you.

9.  Because it’s your process you can decide what you want to talk about and work towards finding a resolution that is personal and unique to you.

10.  The process is tailored to the couple involved and their personal circumstances to give it the best chance of working for the couple involved.