It’s a truth universally acknowledged (by family mediators anyway), that mediation has many benefits.  For example, it is widely accepted that family mediation is quicker, more cost effective and less acrimonious than going to court. 

Here are three further benefits to family mediation that you might not have thought of:

  1. It is empowering

You are in control when you come to mediation.  You can choose the mediator, someone you feel you can work with and trust.  You can choose the topics you wish to discuss with your ex-partner in mediation and when you want to discuss them.  Also, if you want to, you can step back from mediation at any time.  It is a completely voluntary process. 

In mediation, all decisions are made by the parties.  The mediator will not tell you what to do.  This also means that you are in control about what your future looks like. 

2. It will help your communication

Mediation provides an environment where the parties can talk to one another, openly and honestly.  Both parties are given an equal opportunity to speak and to listen to what the other person has to say.  Mediation offers a chance to press the re-set button on your communication issues, so that everyone feels heard and the way forward can be discussed in a more positive manner. 

3.You have nothing to lose

Mediators will encourage their clients to go into mediation with a positive and open mind.  There is a real chance to reach a resolution.  However, if you cannot agree on a way forward, the discussions that have taken place within mediation will not affect your legal rights and cannot be referred to outside of the mediation process.  You have lost nothing by trying.