From the moment I set up LKW Family Mediation I have had an almost constant stream of ideas for things that would benefit clients and help with life after separation and coping with divorce.  I also wanted to assist other professionals to help clients too, and to understand more about family mediation.  The difficulty has always been having enough time to put together the structure for these ideas.  There is, after all, only one of me!  I have learnt during the 5+ years since I set up LKW Family Mediation that things are much better if I concentrate on one project at a time and properly focus on this.  It is really hard sometimes but it means my ideas are much more likely to become reality!



I have been developing various things over the course of 2018 and I am delighted to share that the following will be coming in 2019:


Downloadable webinars for anyone going through a separation.  The idea is that you can download an hour’s webinar that will provide you with practical information and skills to help you manage that particular aspect of your separation.  I really hope that this will be invaluable for coping with divorce and separation.  They will be a very affordable price and will hopefully be an invaluable tool for separating couples


I have expanded training programme for 2019 for other professionals to help ensure that they are working with clients who are separating to achieve the very best outcomes for those clients.  That programme will be published soon.  I am just putting some finishing touches to the videos explaining each training course.  For more information on the training courses have a look at the Facebook Live.



There is also a book coming and I will reveal more about that as we go through 2019.


2018 brought you online mediation which has proved to be really useful for some people and I really hope that these new services will provide just as popular and helpful.

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