Would things be easier if your ex would only change?  Why filing up your own cup may be more important.


In these challenging times where everyone is dealing with all that life brings with it, and COVID-19, Una Archer and I got to talking about the importance of looking after yourself and how filling up your own cup is the most important thing you can do for yourself, and for your relationships with other people.   We all know relationships can change over time – your relationship with a toddler is different to your relationship with your teenager.  We also know relationships can improve and deteriorate.  They can also evolve as happens when a separated couple become parents rather than spouses.  It can be challenging adjusting to changing relationships and when our cups are empty the focus can be on what you wish the other person would do differently, rather than filling up your own cup.


Have a watch of the conversation between Una and I.


0:00 Introductions

01:02 What do you prefer: self-care or self-nourishment?

04:22 How having a full or an empty cup can change your experience of relationships

06:30 2 ways in which going through separation can empty your cup

07:14 A story about successfully handling a tricky handover even when with an empty cup

13:30 Re-defining your relationship with the other parent

15:40 How parenting with an empty cup can make you more susceptible to triggers

17:00 Simple practice to fill up your cup