Thanks for checking out Louisa Whitney’s Instagram profile (or other social media links). We hope you’ve found the information being shared there useful. Here are some links to further help that you might find useful to support you in your separation.


We are so excited to share our new course Your Road Map to Surviving and Thriving in a divorce. We are currently looking for 10 people to trial it at a very reduced price so we can respond to the feedback and make it an invaluable separation resource.

LKW Family Mediation were thrilled to launch their new free quiz at their 10th anniversary celebrations to check how effective your communication is. It follows the 4 CS of effective communication (Calm, Constructive, Conscious and Compassionate) and likens them to the four legs of a chair. All four need to be strong to sit comfortably. You can access the free quiz to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your communication and then follow us for more tips on how to strengthen a particular leg

I love the conversational style and the brilliant guidance on the Mum Mind podcast and so I was thrilled to be invited on to talk about separation and putting your kids first with Stef McSherry and Bethan O’Riordan

The Drama Dialogues with Jenny Jarvis: Unravelling the drama of divorce: Divorce mediation and how it helps Louisa really enjoyed talking to Jenny about divorce mediation and hearing Jenny’s personal perspective as well as the coaching skills she used to help people going through separation.

Want to see more of the podcasts and media we’ve shared our knowledge with?

If you’re a professional (lawyer, mediator, coach, counsellor or other fellow practitioner) then you’ll find links that might be useful for you further down this page.

Going through a separation?

Want 5 days of messages of love and inspiration? These are designed to help you find hope to keep going but also to start to create a positive vision of what your next chapter will look like. I will send you an inspiring quote and a little TLC every day for 5 days, together with some links for guidance on separation issues.

Or maybe you can’t decide whether separation is right for you. If you’re finding there are difficulties in your relationship but aren’t sure whether separation is the right next step then you might find our PDF with our top 5 tips on deciding on the future of your relationship helpful. Sometimes you can go round in circles without making a decision and this is designed to help you with that decision making.

If you’re frustrated by constant arguments then you might be interested in a free PDF with 5 ways to swerve another fight. I’ve drawn on my experience to help you make some simple little tweaks to make conversations and discussions calmer, more constructive and more compassionate.

If you’re a Highly Sensitive Person or think you might be then you need to take special care of yourself in a separation. Download our free PDF that explains how Highly Sensitive people need extra care in a separation and gives you tips on how to look after yourself and your sensitivities.

If you have decided, or do decide, that separation is the right way forward then The LKW Family Mediation blog will be a great resource for you This has over 200 different separation related articles in it so you’re bound to find one that speaks to you about the issue you’re currently having. If you don’t then please contact us by email or DM Louisa on Instagram (or other social media channel) because we will write a blog to address that issue. If you need it then others will too.

If you’re worried about costs and so looking to manage making arrangements following your separation yourself, to save lawyer and mediator fees, then you may find the resources in our online shop useful. These are available to download and you only purchase once for both of you to have the resources.

Here are some blog posts you might find useful:

These are our top 5 tips for anyone contemplating separation

Want to know more about family mediation?

The ultimate blog post about free or inexpensive help when you separate

If you’re a family lawyer then you might find the following useful:

Our free PDF with 5 top tips for helping your clients have calmer conversations

Our free PDF to help you understand which of your clients may be Highly Sensitive People and what this means for supporting them through their separation.

Our program of Training events happening in 2022

The free LinkedIn group where Louisa Whitney offers communication tips for lawyers

Our online training shop where you can download webinars to watch immediately

If you’re a mediator then you may be interested in the following

Our free video about Growing and Running a family mediation practice

The free LinkedIn group Support Network for Family Mediators

If you’re a mediator then you might also be interested in our PPC services – we currently have a couple of spaces

As a mediator you may also want to check out the links above to our training events program and our online training shop.

Looking for something that isn’t here?

If there’s something else you’re looking for information on then please just send us an email. If you’re a lawyer looking to refer a mediation client then we just need both clients names and email addresses to contact them. We don’t have a standard referral form so please just send us an email.

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