This is the last in our series of blogs talking about processes.  If you’ve read our blogs on the divorce process, the process of sorting out money and on making arrangements for children then you’re probably wondering how on earth you bring it together, or how you do all that at the same time!

Here are 5 things that we think are important:

  1. Don’t think you have to do it all at the same time. You can take things in turn.  You can sort out issues relating to your children and then tackle money.  Do things in what seems like the right order for you.
  2. It can be helpful to start the divorce proceedings at a relatively early stage (if you’ve planning on getting divorced) because the divorce will need to be at Decree Nisi before you can properly formalise what you want to put in place about money issues.
  3. If you sort out money before arrangements for your children then make sure you work out what’s best for your children. Don’t make arrangements for your children dependent on money e.g I need that much child maintenance to pay my bills so the children can only see you 1 night a week, even though I know they’d like to see you more.
  4. Look after your own well being. Don’t be afraid to take some time off from tackling the issues if either of you feels you are struggling.
  5. Get professional help! Many people worry about the cost of doing this but if paying a professional a few hundred pounds means that you save your co-parenting relationship and aren’t stuck in limbo forever then there are huge benefits to that.  Getting the right help at the right time can also save you money if it means you tackle issues rather than waiting until one person is so fed up that they decide to go to court just to put an end to things.

If you’d like more in depth guidance on sorting out issues when you separate then have a look at the resources that are now available in our online shop.

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